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Concealed in glove box or console

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Without a CFP, you cannot conceal a weapon. The law does allow you to store your unloaded weapon in your car, but not in the glove box or console. However, I want to make 100% sure that if you DO have a CFP that you can store a loaded weapon in the glove box or console?

There are many instances where this is the most convenient. While driving, you may be able to get to a weapon easier in the console than you could from your concealed holster. When going to locations where you cannot legally carry (LDS churches, for instance) it can be better to store the gun in the glove box than trying to disarm in the parking lot (especially if you have a car load of scouts).

I know there are some disadvantages to this. Theft is a big one. I'd think it advisable to also keep the gun and your registration and insurance card in a separate place than the gun - even though you must inform you have the weapon if you're pulled over, juggling it while finding your registration could be a bit awkward.

Am I incorrect or overlooking anything?
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Actualy, the driver of the vehicle is responsible for EVERYTHING in the vehicle so if there is a passenger, the driver is still responsible for it unless the passenger says it was thiers. Also, if you are looking at keeping a firearm in your car, Get one of the Gun Vaults and you can bolt it in the trunk or somewhere else and that is a great way to store your firearm in your car and have it locked up. Just my 2 cents.
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