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Concealed Revolver - Extra Ammo...

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Since this reply won't really be on topic w/Backup Guns I'm moving to a new thread just to be safe... :wink:

HERMIT said:
I like the idea of carrying an extra magazine or a back up gun but find that the extra magazine is as hard to carry and conceal as the gun is, or maybe a little harder for the big magazines. Speed loaders are an awkward shape as well. Most of the time I just give up and only carry the ammo that is in my gun.
I've found Speed Strips and Ammo Wallets to be perfect for packing extra ammo with a revolver. They're not nearly as fast as a speed loader (or magazine swap, BUG etc), but they work really well. In fact the speed strip works better than a speed loader for revolver tactical reloads, and they disappear nicely into the side pockets of Guide Gear 8-pocket jeans.

Both can be purchased at Sportsman's Warehouse and many other retailers.

Speed strips:

Note that I use ammo without exposed lead in the strips, this is safer to handle.

Ammo Wallet:

The wallets are better for when you're not in a hurry.. Like when you get a sudden urge to stop for some target practice in an unincorporated area.

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Ruger Collector said:
I've only seen them made for the 45acp. On a cartridge like the 357 there wouldn't be anything to stop them from sliding out of the moon clip rim first.
http://www.geminicustoms.com does a moonclip conversion for the Ruger SP101 .38 Special or .357 Magnum. The circumferance of the cylinder is left with the original surface so that individual cartridges can be loaded.
This is a great custom modification for those that want a fast, convenient speed re-load for their awesome SP101. This precision modification/addition will allow use of moonclips, speed re-loaders, or conventional loading methods. We use the Moonclips manufactured by TK Custom (the BEST) and include 5 Moonclips with each conversion!
Moonclips are also used with 9mm revolvers, such as the Ruger Speed Six and SP101, S&W 940? and I think Taurus may have made a model or two. Not relevant to the moonclip discussion but I recall Ruger also had an optional 9mm cylinder for its single action Blackhawk in .357 Magnum.

PS: I think I've seen a photo somewhere of a GP100 with a moonclip conversion.
Revolver ammo, actually, but the moonclip tangent was a nice digression.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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