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Constitution party

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I wasnt quite sure where to put this, but thought that I should pass this information along. I got a call last night from Phil Betz, chairman of the Constitution Party. They are going to be doing several meetings over the next few months to get the party moving forward, and to organize new chapters.
The meetings are as follows...
Saturday March 8th, at the city office in Logan, 255 N Main, at 10 am

Tuesday March 25th, at Mt Logan Middle School, at 7pm

Friday, April 4th at Mt Logan middle school, at 4 to 7pm

Saturday, April 19th, in Salt lake, the location is to be announced, is the state convention, begins at 9:30, this will be where the nominee is chosen.
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As disgusted as I am lately with the national Republican party, this is getting much more tempting.
The republican party has really let us down, and while I dont think I agree with everything in the Constitution party platform, I think that we would be much better served if Ron Paul made it to office.
I didnt realize that ammosgt had not signed out... the above post was mine,
OK maybe I'm dumb, but what's a Constitution Party? Another "let's steal votes from the GOP" deal, a la Ross Perot?

Not bashing, I just want to know.
T-Man said:
OK maybe I'm dumb, but what's a Constitution Party? Another "let's steal votes from the GOP" deal, a la Ross Perot?
Not a dumb question at all, IMO. Given how our electoral system works, third parties have near-zero chance of winning and an extremely high probability of strengthening the major party they hate the most. This is a mathematical fact.

The fact of the matter is that if you really want to enact positive change in this country, you have to do it by working within the republican or democrat parties. I hate that it's that way, and I really wish we could switch to an approval or, even better, Condorcet-type voting system, but that's the reality we have to work with.

I think third parties have their place, to raise awareness of issues and to provide a way to focus effort on influencing the position of the major parties, but if they actually try to win important offices they're doing their own cause a disservice. I'd want to know that the leadership of a third party understood this fact before giving them my support.
To those of you who are not inclined to support either the Democrats or Republicans, or are not enthusiastic about your support for them, here is the opportunity to learn about Joe Ferguson, who is running against Chris Cannon and Jason Chavetz in Dist. 3.

Joe H. Ferguson
candidate for United States Congress,
will launch a new radio program,
Not Politically Correct,

every Monday morning,
10:00 to 11:00 AM,
on KSTAR Radio,
1400 on the AM dial.

The topic for the 17th of March will be
Illegal Immigration, Revolution, and Terrorism.

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