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I was down at North American Arms a few months ago and was told that they were working with Crimson Trace to get laser grips made for their .32 and .380 Guardians. I thought that was pretty cool, little local company gets in with industry leader.

I just saw the laser grips a week or so ago and they are very nice! Just as with all CTC lasers, they have elevation and windage adjustment screws (uses a small 1/20" hex wrench) and these replace the standard Hogue grips that come on the Guardian. I personally like the stippling a bit better on the stock grips, and the CTC grip is a little thicker on laser side, but the laser is a sweet addition for a small "point and shoot" back up gun with nearly non-existent iron sights.

Here's a picture:

You can get the grips though Crimson Trace or North American Arms.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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