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I can't remember what the policy is regarding concealed carry at a gun show. Does anyone have any information? Is the venue considered a secure location? Do I have to pay to have someone secure my gun? Any other relevant info would be appreciated as well.
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http://www.crossroadsgunshows.com/gunsc ... southtowne

Click on "Show Information" and scroll down to "Prohibited Items".

looks like no loaded firearms. i'm sure you can bring your weapon in case your looking for a holster or something. just no ammo.
Yeah, I read that, I was just wondering if that applies to us CFP holders or is just a rule for people who are going to sell their firearms/open carry. I thought I saw a place to check firearms, but I can't really remember, it's been a few months since I last went - and I wasn't carrying that day - so I didn't pay much attention.

I guess I am wondering who regulates the Gun Show, whether it is considered private property or a public space and under what authority they can prohibit a CFP holder from carrying.
According to my past experiences at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show, you must not have any ammo in the tube & a plastic tie is put through he trigger & slide on semi-autos & something similar for revolvers.

As a side note I will be there again this weekend. Feel free to stop by my booth, we are called:

"The Edge, Knives & Self Defense Products."

I would be glad to meet you all & maybe even sell a secondary defense weapon/tool if you like. See you all there! :)
I will definitely stop by and see you. I carry a Buck Pilot 199X folder (see photo below). It's a great knife and extremely thin which makes it perfect for wear IWB or pocket corner. I love knives and am always in the market (mentally if not financially).

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Genetics Dave,

That is a fine specimen you've shown us. We may not be big, but we do have some Buck, Gerber & Cold Steel, along with other less expensive folders & knives. I will be pleased to meet you--I will be the Bearded One at the table.

You might know my dad then. He has a knife booth also. M&M Creations Custom Knives. He has long hair and looks like he is guiding on the safari.

Wait, so the show is considered a secure area? If not, they simply have a policy and CFP holders are under no legal obligation to oblige, correct? Lot's of places have no weapons policies and they don't mean squat if you're carrying legally - I'd just like to know if this is the same for the gun show.
I seem to remember metal detectors or wands and police presence, but I can't be sure. Can anyone confirm/deny this? I would really prefer to carry, I hate going 'naked' if you know what I mean, but I don't want to cause any trouble either.
I just emailed the Crossroads of the West, tried calling them, but they didn't pick up. I will let you know what they say when/if I hear back from them. As for the Gun Show, hopefully someone can give me some legit info - I am planning on hitting the show tomorrow morning.

I am only new to selling knives this year & have been meeting other knife salesmen. Chances are I may have met your father, but am not sure. I will
however, keep an eye out for him this weekend & introduce myself if able.
GeneticsDave said:
I seem to remember metal detectors or wands and police presence ....
I've not been for a couple years now, but never have seen metal detectors and police. I've always carried knowing that my sidearm would remain there concealed. Never been challenged. As with other places, people don't get their panties in a wad over things they don't know about.

If I show up and see metal detectors and police, I'll just turn around and go find something else to do. I'm not going to enrich a show organiser that treats me with such disrespect. [Insert birdie here.]

I've done that with trade shows, too. Treat me with respect. Don't give me the crap about it being "for my own safety." :mad:
First of all, there are no metal detectors/wands, etc. There is a sign at the front when you walk in that says although they respect the fact the many people carry concealed, they would appreciate that we don't bring any loaded guns into the show. This is because they don't want someone to mistake an unloaded gun for a loaded one. It gets a little dangerous when there are so many guns out and everyone is aiming them, looking down the barrel, and dry firing them, etc. They also want to tag all guns that come in to the show, so when you leave they know you aren't stealing a gun from the show. Their policy makes sense to me. Of course it's just a policy, so if you are adamant about carrying a loaded weapon, I guess you can go for it. I personally wouldn't carry concealed into the show. I also think that's the last place I'd worry about getting shot. No robber is dumb enough to try to hold up a gun show.

p.s. My wife is having our baby tomorrow so I can't go to the show :cry:
Thanks for the info - I think I will carry with deep concealment - don't like to walk around with cash and no protection :p

Congratulations on the baby, I was wondering when the little one would come! Good luck tomorrow!
Thanks for the details ebrinton. I totally respect their policy. I just wanted to make sure that it was just a policy and that they hadn't somehow got the the place deemed a secure area or similar.

If I were going (and if I had my CCW... can't wait), I would respect that policy unless I was taking Trax or something and couldn't secure my gun myself before entering. Yeah, it would take a pretty dumb criminal to try and knock up a gun show. :shock:

Good luck with the baby!
It's a policy required by their insurer.
I've never seen metal detectors or wanding at the Crossroads of the West gun shows.

With that many people and that many guns in a confined area, it's seems a good idea to me to reduce the risk of somebody mistaking a loaded gun for an unloaded one. I just read about a dealer manning a table at a gun show somewhere back East who did just that. He had a negligent discharge. Fortunately, in this case, nobody was hurt.
The skinny is: It is perfectly 100% legal to carry concealed beyond the doors of the gun show. They may not like it, but you are not legally obligated to even mention or admit you are carrying to any event staff, or hired security. You only have to admit to carrying if a POST Certified Officer asks you if you are. The policy at the gun show is an infringement & carries no weight of law with it. I received this information from a certified CCW trainer while working the show this weekend. I know the name but will not give the identity for obvious reasons. Suffice it to say, it is legal to carry while there just keep quite about it because even they have no need to know who is or who is not carrying.
Now I would suggest that you never divulge you carry weapon, but if you are carrying others into the show--let them do what they want with those & continue on your perfectly legal activities at a public venue just as you would at any other venue. :lol:
Jeff Johnson said:
...it's seems a good idea to me to reduce the risk of somebody mistaking a loaded gun for an unloaded one. ...
Safety is critical.

If we have any possibility of temptation, carry something else and bring the gun in unloaded. They'll tie it an you can check out the accessories and goodies to your heart's contentment.

I think the point a lot of us are making is that when we go to a show, the concealed weapon stays concealed. It's there for a reason, and pulling it out to check its fit with an accessory is STUPID and asking for an accidental discharge. Turn the brain on and be responsible is the bottom line.

We fully recognise that and know that if it's concealed, it's concealed.

Where we part ways with some is a mandate that we can't carry to make some bean counters happy.
GeneticsDave said:
Thanks for the info - I think I will carry with deep concealment - don't like to walk around with cash and no protection :p

Congratulations on the baby, I was wondering when the little one would come! Good luck tomorrow!
What do you mean by your post GeneticsDave ???

I whet in and Open Carried the whole time...It's an Open Carry state you know right ???

I had ALLLLL my cash + Protection, the Protection was Open. :lol:

My friend and his wife was there too and they OCed their Glocks in Serpa holsters. I have a Serpa for my 1911 as well.
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