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I live in Cedar Hills. I must say that my little town has had plenty of bad press lately.

Now an attempt at humor in the city online forum has people quaking in fear... :roll:

Some alarmed by gun posting

Caleb Warnock DAILY HERALD

A Cedar Hills city councilman has apologized after posting a photo of an assault rifle on a community forum Web site Thursday morning and making references to bringing an assault rifle to a meeting next week.

The Daily Herald received a call Thursday afternoon from a man identifying himself as a Cedar Hills resident. The man, who refused to give his name, said Councilman Jim Perry had posted a photo of the gun on a forum as part of a message about a meeting between city officials and golf course homeowners next week.


Reached on his cell phone Thursday evening, Perry apologized for the reference and the photo, saying they were "meant as an attempt at humor."

Within minutes of being interviewed, the photo of the assault rifle and the last line of the message had been deleted from the forum.

Perry said he had originally looked for a photo of a pitchfork to post with his message but couldn't find one. Instead, he posted the photo of the assault rifle.

"There was no ill intention," he said. "I can't believe somebody ... Actually, I can. It's a theme that repeats itself in Cedar Hills. Certain people want to complain about something. Unfortunately, the media often does a disservice by giving too much air time to those people. I think we should focus on the great things that are happening and I don't know why people want to wallow in the negative all the time."

Humor is "frequently used" on the forum, he said.

"If anyone was offended by my humor, then certainly I want to apologize; that goes without saying," he said. "To me it is such a non-issue. I'm happy to apologize."

After being interviewed by the Daily Herald, Perry posted another message to the forum, saying he'd been called by the media.

"Sadly, my willingness and to some extent my ability to be an open source of information is always going to be limited by the actions of a few individuals," he wrote. "That said, I am genuinely sorry if any of you were offended by my previous comments and humor. Sometimes I let my humor get the best of me, and some of you new to the forum don't know me that well. Apparently, someone isn't checking their pitchfork at the door."
Of course the complaint was from an anonymous source...
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