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Deer Hunt

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So who's going? Whats the forecast for this year?
A friend and I are going. I really have no hope of getting anything. Besides the fun ends when you shot one. I don't like deer meat anyway so I will only pull the trigger if its worthy of hanging on the wall! I am looking forward to getting away from everything for the better part of a week. We will probably spend most of our time to the east of Cache Valley and Logan Canyon area. We may go out to the Sawtooths though. I have never been there, but my hunting buddies brother-in-law supposedly saw some big ones out there this summer. I have seen a stupid little 2 point all year as I go up to the gun range. I saw 2 bucks on a scout trip a month ago also so maybe there will be a few to look at anyway.

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I've been scouting quite a bit east of Cache Valley. We've got a special place where we've had quite a bit of success. Sorry, 'tis top secret. 8)

There's quite a few bucks around - more than I've seen in a few years, but I've yet to see anything very big. There's a few nice ones I've seen (20"+ 4 points), but I'm now like you, unless it's going on the wall, I don't shoot. I've shot probably 15 deer in my life, so it's not so big a deal any more.

When I was 14, on my very first hunt, I shot a 34" monster Muley buck. It was the 2nd biggest deer shot in Idaho that year. Since growing up and realizing how significant this was, I'm a bit more particular about what I shoot at. I just like getting away from everything and enjoying nature, plus there's always a chance that monster buck might cross your path.
Yeah, I got lucky opening day and didn't get anything either. 8)

I covered a lot of territory, but spent most of the day in the clouds and heavy snow (about 6" in 3 hours where I was at). Only saw a few does. I hope to get back out Friday and Saturday.
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