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Why do we carry?

We carry because we believe in the right to self-defense. For my part, even though I carry, I fervently hope that I never have to face that grave extreme where I would have to draw my weapon and use it on an attacker. I'm prepared to do it if I have to, because my life and the lives of my loved ones are worth defending. That's why I carry and that's why I practice with my firearms.

But what actually happens when you've had to fire your weapon in self-defense? Do you know what to do? Do you know what to say to the police? Are you aware that it is common for people to have a distorted perception of time and distance in that kind of high-stress event? People who actually become involved in self-defense shootings are normally quite rattled afterwards, and can blabber things without thinking that can then be misunderstood or misconstrued by police and prosecutors. Do you know an attorney who is knowledgeable in self-defense laws?

One of the things I decided to do when I got my CFP was to become a member of Concealed Weapon Permit Holders Association, Inc.. This is not an insurance policy. It is an association of permit holders with attorney benefits for members in the case of a defensive shooting. Details of the benefits of the plan are available at the above link, as well as a membership application.

I found out about this plan when I went to a gun show in Sandy where I met the Association President, Curt Oda and the attorney of record for the association, Mitch Vilos (author of Utah Gun Law II: Pancho’s Wisdom).

This is a Utah-only association at present -- not available in other states.

I just wanted to bring this to the attention of anybody else here who may have worried about how to afford an attorney in the event of a defensive shooting.
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