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Determined Not To Die In Yankee Candle

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Victim Of Mall Shooting Determined Not To Die In Yankee Candle

February 22, 2008

BUFFALO, NYâ€"In the aftermath of last week's deadly shooting at the Windsor Galleria Mall, many are still struggling to make sense of the indiscriminate murder of 19 innocent people. Though 22-year-old gunman's motives may never be known, some solace can be taken in the amazing story of David Mull, a victim of the bloody rampage who, though seriously injured, heroically dragged himself nearly 50 yards to spare himself the indignity of dying in the shopping center's Yankee Candle retail store.

Mull, whose wife, Brenda, 32, forced him to enter the garish scented-candle store while en route to the food court, said he attempted to run from the shop shortly after hearing the initial gunfire, only to find the killer had moved toward the display of balsam and cedar decorative votives, effectively blocking the exit. The shooter then proceeded to fire a loaded automatic shotgun into the store, striking Mull in the leg and torso and destroying a table full of ceramic potpourri warmers.

"I remember thinking 'This is it, I'm going to die,'" the 34-year-old contractor said from his bed at Buffalo General Hospital, where he is still under observation after sustaining three gunshot wounds, including one that left a bullet lodged in his spine. "Then I looked around at where I was and told myself there was no way in **** I was going to let them find me curled up behind a floor display of Midnight Jasmine Housewarmer jar candles."

"How could this happen to me?" Mull added. "I'm never anywhere near Yankee Candle."

Much of Mull's desperate plight was captured on mall security cameras. In the grainy footage, he can be seen inching his way slowly over the blood-slicked floors and past the contorted bodies of other victims before collapsing unconscious in the entrance of The Sharper Image.

Erie County sheriff's investigator Charles Delaney, who analyzed the surveillance tapes, commended Mull on his resolute determination to save face by dragging his mangled and bloody body out of the tacky candle store.
Enlarge Image Mall Shooting

David Mull, seen here, clings to life while trying to reach the safety of a Junetsu massage chair.

"Mr. Mull's actions were, quite simply put, an extraordinary act of bravery," Delaney said. "To summon the resolve to pull himself free of Yankee Candle, especially with those types of injuriesâ€"it's just awe-inspiring."

The footage also reveals Mull pausing briefly in front of Frederick's of Hollywood, but then doggedly continuing on after a few seconds. Having left his wife, who was bleeding from the neck under a table of Cranberry Chutney reed diffusers, Mull told police he knew, for her sake, he had to keep moving.

"I didn't want the paramedics to find me in a lingerie store by myself and have everyone think I was some kind of pervert," Mull said. "But I just didn't have the strength to go back and drag her body along with me."

"I had to keep going," Mull continued. "I prayed to God that I'd find the Champs Sports store, or at least the Best Buy, before it was too late. If it was my time to go, at least I could go in front of a 52-inch LCD flat-screen HDTV."

Mull cited many reasons for his superhuman feat of courage and strength, not least of which were the life-and-death struggles of fellow victims. While rapidly losing blood and nearing the loss of consciousness, a courageous Mull found the strength to move on and live to tell his tale for those who were not so fortunate.

"Sure, there were times when I wanted to give up," Mull said. "Then I saw a man with half his head blown off fall from the second level and right into a Dress Barn kiosk. It was then and there that I said to myself, 'Dave, you're not gonna go out like that.'"

Although Mull managed to spare himself the humiliation of breathing his last breath in the largest scented-candle retail outlet in the country, he admitted that he still bears the emotional scars from that tragic day.

"I have a hard time sleeping, and sometimes I'll have these really realistic flashbacks, as If I'm in Yankee Candle all over again," Mull said. "When I finally snap out of it, I'm sweating profusely, and I swear I can smell Brazilian passion fruit. I don't think I'll ever get over how close I came to dying in that redolent, pastel-hued ********."

Though Mull will never walk again and will require home care for the rest of his life, the widower and former father of two said he considers himself extremely lucky.

"At least I wasn't one of the guys they found in Linens 'n Things," Mull said. "Those poor, poor ********."

While police have been unable to determine why the shooter abandoned his meal at California Pizza Kitchen to fire indiscriminately on innocent patrons, they have not ruled out as a contributing factor the Vanessa Carlton album playing continuously throughout the mall.

Warning: The above article is from The Onion - America's Finest News Source.
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Thanks Dave,

Who writes this tripe? I mean really, who cares if the guy just didn't want to die in Yankee Candle or Victoria's Secret, Jeesh!
Couldn't there have been something better to focus on than this? Such as whether the mall did or did not allow weapons in the first place? Or something about the hero who rescued these folks (those still living) by killing the punk? Anything but this tripe. I mean really, this is hardly even newsworthy--so he didn't want to die looking like a pansey in a candle store or lingerie store---who really cares?
Not that I am insensitive, but there ought to be something heroic printed over something like this. I hope the survivors do get better, and are able to have good recovery. But even they must be a bit confused by this story.
Just my take. :?
Guys, relax. The article is from "The Onion." Sort of the internet version of The Daily Show without as much Liberal spin. It's a parody news site, with made-up stories that are written to sound like real news but are written just to get a laugh.
Check out this video, courtesy of the same site. You will see what I'm talking about. LINK
The Onion is awesome. They've been cracking me up on a regular basis for years. I thought the Yankee Candle story was only mediocre, but it made me laugh out loud a couple of times.
The Onion is a classic in many ways. They have put out some incredibly funny stories over the past 10 years. However, I quit reading it many years ago because some of their stories simply go too far. Some things shouldn't be made fun of. The problem with any venue like the Onion is they constantly have to get more and more explicit to "better" what they've done in the past.

This story wasn't over the line, but still too close to it for me to enjoy. Some of their writers don't know when to show respect rather than parody.
doconix said:
This story wasn't over the line, but still too close to it for me to enjoy. Some of their writers don't know when to show respect rather than parody.
Yeah, I was worried about that when I posted it. Sorry to anyone who thought this was real, I posted it in Chit Chat because it was humorous and not Guns In The News. I hadn't been to The Onion for about a year and was really bored last night, so I revisited. Lo and behold, the first article I see is gun related, so I thought I might post it here. I am sorry if I offended anyone - and yes, it does go a little overboard in the last part - but I liked the emphasis on what the victim was thinking about after having been shot. I can see myself in the same situation - wanting to die with honor in a place of my choosing.

Anyways, once again, I am sorry to Cinhil and xmirage2kx who evidently hadn't heard of The Onion prior to this posting - I should have made it's parody status more clear.
Thanks Tman,

I know of the Onion, but have never really visited the site. I was unaware of its humorous origins. No offense taken Dave, but I did think it was real. I guess I need to pay more attention to some things, like humor sites I don't normally visit.
Here's a link that shows our Congress Critters doing their job, understanding and enacting laws that best serve the American public and not their own interests or misconceptions. :wink:

Live From Congress: Representative Wants To Rid Congress Of Gang Members
I just thought it was funny that someone used the word tripe.
When I started reading it, I thought WOW how is it I haven't heard about this?....the more I read the more I thought this has got to be some kind of joke. Then I saw THE ONION...and it all made sense.
I found it a nice peice of satire.
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