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Divorce Lawyers?

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My sister-in-law is in need of a divorce lawyer in or near Utah county, and we kind of need recommendations, this being uncharted waters...

thanks for any and all help!
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My advice would be to have a consultation with no less than 4 attorneys. The big guys you hear on the radio and personal recommendations. If you don't feel a real conviction that your doing the right thing from them when you tell your story cross them off the list.

After that make the best choice you can (I believe in divine inspiration).

Not only does it help you make the most informed decision possible but if the Brother in law shows up to court with a kick-butt attorney you already consulted with you control the cards if you want to force him to cease representation of him due to.conflict.

Any opportunity she can get to show that she is the reasonable and rational one should be taken. No matter what dont start slinging mud back. Ide rather loose everything and keep my soul than win through dirty tricks and lies.

Ymmv... I'm still going through it so I have a limited perspective.
Great advice; I will most certainly pass that on, thanks!
I'm using Nelson, Cook & Taylor for my custody - and they're very knowledgeable and easy to work with - Plus the first consult is free.

I believe their retainer is 2000 and they work from it at 190 an hour. But don't quote me on that one.

They are located in Downtown SLC though.
This guy was in my ward. He's pretty cool.

Marco Brown, family law attorney

He's also up here in the SLC area.
I'm sorry to hear that you're going through this challenging process. My friend recently hired Utah lawyers for a similar situation and was very happy with the outcome. I think finding someone you feel comfortable with and who can help you navigate this challenging process is essential. I wish you and your sister-in-law all the best and hope this recommendation helps you find the right lawyer for your needs.
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