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Don't forget to vote !!

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Don't forget to vote tomorrow (Tuesday, 2 November). The polls are open from 7am to 8pm.

You need to know your voter precinct number, and I've heard that you need to show Photo ID. I don't have a problem with that requirement in the least, but it is nice to know it in advance.

Please go vote for pro-gun candidates.

Don't be fooled by cynical hunting photo-ops. John Kerry is the most anti-gun candidate from a major party in U.S. history. I took the time to look through his voting record. Yikes! Bad news!

You can look this up on Project Vote Smart and on Congress Merge.
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I voted!!

(on my way to work)

The line was longer than I've experienced before in the small town of Cedar Hills. I waited about a half-hour. There was a convenient map on the wall to help voters identify which precinct they were in, to help them get into the right line, since there were two precincts at that location.

Don't forget to go vote!! Take your freedom-loving family, friends and neighbors with you too!!


So, how long did any of you have to wait? Any interesting or unusual experiences this time?
We will be going to vote after I get off work at 6:00pm. FREEDOM FIRST!!!!!!
I voted yesterday morning at around 09:00. Then I went to work until 02:00 this morning. Long hours stink...but that is another issue altogether.

The results of the voting have been mostly acceptable.

Lets hope it all works like we think it will!
I'm very happy with the results of this election, both on the national level and on the state level here in Utah. On most choices anyway.

What an election!!
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