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Double Tap Ammo

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I was considering the Double Tap 135 gr round for my XD40. Mostly based on the velocity 1420 fps and muzzle energy 605 ft lbs from a 4.5" barrel, mine is a 5" barrel so I might expect a little bit more than that. Was wondering if anyone had experience with this brand and what your opinion is.

Thanks in advance.
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So far so good, I found more happy customers than dissatisfied on the web. I also found more than one post where it did not live up to the published velocity. Notice the numbers are all nice and round? I will chrono some my next trip to the desert. If it "only" lives up to corbons velocity well, its almost half the cost and still very high quality.
Thanks for the info. I would be very appreciative if you could post the results of your shooting. I am under the same impression as you. If I can get that ammunition that performs equally to other more expensive brands, I'd be happy.

Last year I inquired of Mike McNett which of his offerings would perform best as a defense load in a 3" .45ACP. I received this response within 12 hours:
I really like the 200gr. GDHP loading for a defensive load in 3-4" guns.
In a 3" you will still be getting 976fps!
Mike McNett
DoubleTap Ammunition
In this instance the velocity was not rounded off. I haven't yet tried his recommended load.

Hedonistic, I like your new avatar. I think Gecko45 would have approved! :shades:
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