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I have a 10 meter range in my basement. I have a horizontal line (1/2 black tape), a vertical line (turn target 90 degrees) and a cross (+) that I mount in my trap. I use the cross to obtain a steady aiming position, and I hold it for 30 seconds to strengthen my arm and shoulder muscles. When I get over the initial jitters I dry fire (with a snap cap in the chamber) one shot, but continue to hold my sight alignment on the cross for the 30 seconds. I repeat this exercise 10 times. The beginning stages of this exercise are the horizontal line (30 sec hold) to learn and strengthen muscles for proper vertical sight alignment, the vertical line for proper horizontal sight alignment. This exercise has helped me a lot. It's not my idea, I got a set of videos from the CMP, and the Fort Benning Pistol Team trains using this technique.
When I go to the range I use the sight alignment practice in obtaining a proper sight alignment and sight picture for the bullseye target.
I started my pistol shooting in earnest last November, and have found this training aid to help a lot in getting good groups.
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