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Shaolin said:
althor said:
Shaolin said:
Also, need to tell the LE that you have a permit either carrying or not.
Not correct. You don't need to say or have anything if you're not carrying.
Hey, do want you want, I was told at my CCW class from a Criminal Defense Lawyer/ex Police Officer to do this. Just trying to keep you out of trouble.
Althor is correct--if you're not carrying, there's no requirement to notify an officer according to Utah Administrative Rule R722-300-12:
When a concealed firearm permit holder or certificate of qualification holder is stopped for questioning by a peace officer based on reasonable suspicion in accordance with Section 77-7-15 and the holder has a concealed firearm in his/her possession, the holder shall immediately advise the peace officer that he/she is a lawful holder and has a concealed firearm in his/her possession.
That being said, I don't think the question is whether you should notify an officer if you're not carrying. The real question is, why aren't you carrying? :lol:
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