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Here's an email that I received from Mitch Vilos:

From: Mitch Vilos
To: Mitch Vilos
Sent: Friday, 21 March 2008 16:52
Subject: My endorsement of Mike Waddoups for State Senate

Compatriots and Past CCW students who live in Mike Waddoup’s Senate District,

He needs our help! The UEA has put a candidate up against him that will undoubtedly be a UEA puppet. The UEA and NEA have been aggressively anti-gun (anti-self defense) from the gitgo. Senator Waddoups has been an absolute champion for our right to defend ourselves and our families wherever we are in the state and he deserves to win at the county and state conventions. Please, get people lined up who will vote you in as a delegate and run as a delegate! This is where we win these battles at the caucus level.

I feel privileged to be able to endorse such a great man to be your state senate leader. Mitch

James D. "Mitch" Vilos,
Attorney at Law
P.O. Box 1148
Centerville, Utah 84014
Office: (801)295-3340
Fax: (801)295-3340
Mobile: (801)560-7117
Toll Free: (800)530-0222
Concentrating in Accidental Injury and Death Cases Including Car Accidents,
Car Insurance Issues, Products Liability, Medical Malpractice, Workplace Injuries,
and Representation of Gun Owners in Cases involving Weapons Charges,
Self Defense, and Expungements
We must fight against this and any other attempts by the UEA and NEA to unseat pro-gun friends in the Utah Legislature!

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ARG!!! Its amazing to me how many people who sit under the umbrella of education or intellectual in manner seem to be very anti gun. In universities and education realms the idea of openness, exploration, and schooled thought are so encouraged, but guns oh no, lets not let that discussion in. We need to keep guns out of legal citizen's hands on campus, because we are keeping the best interests and the safey of students in mind. Yeah sure, that seems to have worked everywhere else in the country. I will pass on to everyone I know who can help us keep UEA from getting their way. I'm tapped with a bunch of ccw students and others, with family everywhere in utah, who don't like putting themselves out on the forum. But I will make sure they are made aware of this. Its so amazing to me how much an issue this is to the UEA folks.

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the democratic [edited by moderator], I mean donkeys, have found out all they need to do is take over the schools to take over the country
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