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Emergency Response To Trauma Incidents

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We have quite a few great classes coming up in the next few months. Here is the info on the Trauma course. Please let me know if you are interested and I can get you the rest of the details. Brian

Emergency Response
To Trauma Incidents

9-11, Trolley Square, Virginia Tech... Every day in our country there is some traumatic event taking place. Many citizens carry firearms to protect themselves and family. We believe we should care just as much about helping our fellow citizens AFTER such an event as we do about self defense during the event.
This course is intended to introduce people outside the medical profession to techniques of trauma care. That is, treating very serious injuries on scene as the first responder. Whether it is a gun shot victim, a car crash or a terrorist bombing, as citizens we should be trained to help each other. International events have proven that the FIRST responders will almost always be average citizens. This course is most certainly applicable to anyone who carries or uses a firearm as well as school teachers, security officers, shooting range employees, firearms Instructors, range safety officers and any citizen who is serious about emergency preparedness.
Topics include (8 hours). Accepted for In-service training (CEU) for security officers and EMTs.
• Understanding trauma injuries
• Treating gunshot wounds and other penetrating injuries
• Conducting rapid victim assessments (triage)
• Methods of airway control
• C-spine stabilization
• Hemorrhage control tools and techniques
• Creating a trauma kit
• Victim lifts, drags and carries
About the Instructor: Steve Ball is a Firefighter/Paramedic with a major metropolitan agency. He is a SWAT team medic an EMS Instructor with many actual trauma responses under his belt. He is in the field dealing with trauma injuries daily.

Where: PMAA Range, Parley Canyon, Salt Lake City
When: March 22 and again May 17th
Registration: Register online at WWW.COMBAT-TERROR.COM
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GeneticsDave said:
All the information is on the web site that was posted. However, it is an eight hour course and the price is $80. Not too shabby.
We are testing new content filtering and it blocked his site :wink:

Wow thats not a bad price at all. I am deffinately going to consider this.
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