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Excellent News!! BCI now shows reciprocity with 13 states

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I saw this on packing.org tonight.

The Utah BCI FAQ page is now showing the following:

At the current time, Utah has a signed formal reciprocity with:
  • Alabama[/*]
  • Alaska[/*]
  • Arizona[/*]
  • Colorado[/*]
  • Florida[/*]
  • Louisiana[/*]
  • Mississippi[/*]
  • North Carolina[/*]
  • North Dakota[/*]
  • Ohio[/*]
  • South Dakota[/*]
  • Tennessee[/*]
  • Texas[/*]
These States will honor Utah concealed firearm permits. BCI suggests permit holders contact any other state they are planning to visit to find out about that state's concealed firearm laws.
You won't yet see this yet on the Utah BCI Reciprocity page, which hasn't been updated since December 23, 2003. I guess they just haven't gotten to updating this page yet.

I'm happy, especially that we gained Texas and Ohio!!! :D :D

How about y'all?
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More reciprocity is good news. Mostly, I just wanted to say that this is good site and I hope it does well.
Welcome to the board, flint. Glad to have you here.
Glad to have you here Flint.

Now back to the subject at hand.
The BCI has no time to update information crucial to us because they are too buisy runing daily background checks on us. Am I the only one who thinks that is extreme overkill? :roll:
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