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Wanted to publicly thank UtahCFP for an excellent class earlier this month. He does class a little different because he comes to your home rather than the other way around. My wife has been wanting to get her permit, so I invited her extended family to participate. We had about 10 people come to my parents-in-law home for the class. Dave brought quite a few guns to let people hold, worked on stances, clearing, racking the slide, etc.

The participants were extremely impressed with his course. One said they thought he would be a gun nut, but were surprised that he was not over the top. Another said she liked the hands-on participation. A third said she came to the class fearing handguns and left feeling much more comfortable with them. Another said he liked the relaxed, personal environment of the home class.

Thanks, Dave, for a great class. (BTW, I had my Rohrbaugh pup in case you wanted to check it out, but kept it in my pocket so you could keep control of the firearms being passed around; perhaps another time)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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