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I thought someone was trying to break into our house the other day in broad daylight. I was in my room watching a movie, and we had all the blinds closed to keep the heat out. Not only that, but all the cars at the house were in the garage. I heard a crash at the front door like someone kicked it. My heart started pounding as I grabbed my gun and slammed a magazine in it.

Turns out it was the UPS guy leaving a package under the window and I think he lost his balance and fell into the house. Right as I got to the top of the stairs and looking down at the window, I could see a shadow of a head (it was about 3:00 and our house faces west). That must have been when he dropped the package off.

I approached the front door, and looked out the peep hole and was glad to see it was the UPS guy getting in his truck.

I know what you mean though, I would have felt vulnerable instead of on guard if I didn't have a weapon with me.
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