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Ishpeck said:
If Billary takes the White House, the armed forces would be forced by their very oaths of enlistment/office to line her and everyone who voted for her up against the wall.

Maybe this was mainly in jest, but I feel compelled to remind forum members of the Forum Rules, in particular Rule #3:
No posts that incite unlawful violence or advocate the violent overthrow of the government are allowed. Anyone posting such will be banned.
I don't think that your post rises to that level, but let's not hand fodder to our enemies.

Let's do be vigorous and unrelenting in defending freedom through legal means, but even talking about threats to the POTUS is looked at closely by the Secret Service.

Ishpeck, I value your input here and don't intend to offend you in any way. Heck, people who've never been edited or admonished may not be posting enough. I know I've been edited/admonished on other forums I participate in.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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