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I just received my CCW on Saturday. It took exactly 99 days for me to receive my permit after taking the class. I understand that BCI is greatly backlogged and I was willing to be patient. I was driving me nuts. Well thought I would share the information with those of you who may be still waiting, hang in there.

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I'm sending my application in tomorrow, so thanks for the heads up. I guess if I get assaulted between the 60 day BWI deadline and when I actually get the permit, then I (or my survivors) can sue the pants of BWI, right? I understand that they are overloaded and underfunded, but by not meeting their own policy for permit approval, I imagine they can be held liable.
Glad you finally got your permit!

With the recent change in the law for how BCI is funded, hopefully they will be able to hire more people and catch up with the backlog.

Welcome to the forum, Apollosmith! Glad to have you here. Please take a moment and tell us a little bit about yourself in the Introduce Yourself forum.
You know, the answer to the BCI bcaklog is just to have Vermont carry here--no permit, anybody who can legally own can carry concealed! 99 days is ridiculous.
I would prefer Alaska-carry over Vermont-carry.

Alaska went to no permit required, but they still offer permits so that you can get reciprocity/recognition when traveling to other states. That's one up on Vermont.
Excellent point, Jeff. I suppose having all the states go permitless would be a pipe dream!
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