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...rather I guess I should say FairWarning. W. Clark is an awesome trainer. I had the BEST four hours of education _on any subject_ I've ever had. That includes my good high-school lessons and college courses.

He had me captivated the entire session, and I took good notes, of the parts he emphasized and repeated. We got into a couple extensive "what-if" situations, where a couple of students started taking us down the "Well what if a meteor struck my home, and there were aliens invading my property, and I was completely DRUNK, and needed to protect myself? WHAT THEN!?!" Clark was great at bringing the class back to an orderly, appropriate-for-the-course topic. "CAN I CARRY AS MANY GUNS CONCEALED ON MY PERSON AS I WANT WITH MY PERMIT?!?!" LOL it was a good time to be had. Many laughs and many SERIOUS moments.

He is very SERIOUS about safety. And he's very serious about self-defense. He's not opposed to being frank about the subject when appropriate, but doesn't go overboard. He doesn't tell you, "WHAT TO DO IN SITUATION X," rather takes a "You will do what you will do" approach.

Well worth the time and the money to take his course. I recommend it to all. In fact, I think even folks that aren't going to carry or apply for a permit should take it. Even anti-gun people should take it. I think it would help lots to understand and have an awareness of their rights to live and be safe.

Thanks again, Clark!
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