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Firearms and Motorcycles

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A question to the wise. When the weather is nice I take my motorcycle to work. I carry a conceled firearm but when I go to work I am not able to carry while on duty at the University of Utah. I want to know what others have done to be able to store their firearm when riding a motorcycle. I hate to leave the gun home just because I don't want to put the gun where sombody could find it like in the saddle bags and due to nosy co workers I hate to bring it inside in my bag any Ideas for storing a firearm on a motorcycle

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I too, work for the U of U. I work at an offsite facility. Even though the law says it is completely legal for us to carry while at work, I can understand your hesitation in exercising that right. If it were not for the assininity of the lawsuit the U of U is pursuing, and which the Supreme Court of Utah has refused to acknowledge as law, I too, would be carrying daily while at work.
Now as to how to conceal on your motorcycle. You could always have your weapon locked up under the seat of the bike, as they usually have a place under the seat where things, such as tools & paperwork can be stored.
It could still be risky, if anyone ever tried to steal the bike, or break into it. Also, How would you propose to go about hiding it there once you got to the campus? You would have to either drive to work with it already locked up, and would have to drive a few blocks before extracting it to conceal on your person as you engage in your evening commute, or other activities.
I also understand how nosey some of our coworkers can be-especially the liberal ones. All I can say is, that I have obeyed the law while working for the U, even though they continue to disobey the law on all sides.
Good Luck! I pray that the Supreme Court gets their collective heads out of their rear ends and makes the correct & lawfully proper decision soon so that law abiding citizens like you & I, no longer have to worry about the unjustified fears of our nosey, liberal colleagues!
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oddly, I too work for the U. What a safe environment it will be when the courts side with us.
speaking of guns and bikes how safe do you feel that you gun is not gonna fall out etc? ...i ride a motorcycle pretty much whole summer so when i start carrying should i be worried about it. i have blackhawk serpa and tucker answer iwb holsters but couldn't find any good feedback on it. i'm not worried about tucker too much since it's iwb but what about blackhawk?

any info is appreciated.
I would not trust a weapon stored on/in any bike, even the lockable hard saddlebags on my HD. A screwdriver can open most bike toolbox covers.

As for the holster, I have been using Serpa holsters for years and have never had nor heard of any gun falling out of one which is more than I can say for Fobus or Safariland.
Eddie_XD said:
i'm not worried about tucker too much since it's iwb but what about blackhawk?
Put your gun in the holster, hold it upside down and shake it. Hard. If that doesn't convince you, you can also tighten the retention screw down so that the gun can't fall out even when the button is pushed. IME, as long as the holster is securely attached to you and positioned where there's nothing that can push the button, there's no way the gun will fall out. Still, you should do whatever testing you need to convince yourself. When it comes to guns, no one's opinion matters but your own :)
I ride a goldwing so I have the luxury of locking saddle bags. You could always look into getting saddle bags for your bike that lock, but I'm not sure how much they cost.
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