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Firearms Safety/Instruction for Teenagers

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I am looking for some firearm training/safety instruction for the 16-18 year old young men of my LDS ward.

Requirements are thus:

1. Something that would last no longer than 1.5 hours on a Wednesday...likley late afternoon/early evening.
3. NRA or Utah State certified instruction.
4. No travel outside the SL Valley, unless it is to the uninhabited, 'shootable' portions west of Utah Lake.

Shoot me a PM or email if you are willing or able. Thanks!
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Strategic Tactical said:
Tell ya what, I'll do the class for you in exchange for the $10 fine to be removed...LOL. My company we actually offer FREE firearms training for non-proffit groups such as SCOUTS, 4H, FFA, Big Brother and Big Sisters etc. Get with me and we can do it.
I'd be willing to donate my time to the cause if needed. :)

What sort of range/facilities do you have?
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