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tapehoser said:
No travel outside the SL Valley, unless it is to the uninhabited, 'shootable' portions west of Utah Lake.
I'm not so sure about shooting on the west side of Utah lake. One of my dad's friends drove out there to go shooting. Unawares to him, there was a sheriff patrolling the area. The sheriff watched and waited. As soon as the guy got his guns out of the trunk, the sheriff pulled up and issued a citation (no warning, just a ticket). I'm not sure when this was, perhaps during the summer when the fire related prohibition was in effect, but it would be smart to make sure shooting is still legal out there - I would like to know for personal reasons. I have been shooting out in Toole (yes, it's pronounced Too-lee :lol: ), but I have some family down in Utah county that I would like to take shooting outdoors.

Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. Tapehoser, if you would like anyone else to go with you, I am always up for some extra shooting!
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