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So I flew to Phoenix early Wednesday AM played 84 holes of golf and got home late Friday night. (Yeah it was rough).

So when I get to the counter in SLC I tell the Delta lady I have a firearm to declare. She said OK handed me the orange card and told me to fill it out. After checking my bags in she had me bring my bag with the gun in it down to a security guy and told him I had a gun and left me with him. She was a bit confused about carrying ammo with the gun but the security guy staightened her out. The security guy opened my bag, I gave him the key to my gun case and he opened it and looked at the gun and asked if it was unloaded. I told him yes, he put the card in the bag then asked me to lock the gun case so I was sure it was locked. He did a search of my bag and looked in every compartment and also did a swab inside the bag to check for explosives. Nothing turned up so we closed everything back up and he sent me on my way. He was very courteous and professional as was the Delta ticket counter lady. It added no more than 5 minutes to my trip.

I stayed at a nice gold resort outside of Phoenix. I carried my KelTec P32 in a pocket holster. Most of the time the gun was in my golf bag but during the time I wasn't golfing I just pocket carried it. After the last round thursday night I needed to get the gun out my bag and put it in my pocket because I was having the clubhouse hold my golf clubs over night. There was a caddie (?) right there cleaning off my clubs. The second you pulled up to the clubhouse someone was always right there cleaning your clubs and asking what you needed. While he was cleaning my clubs I just unzipped the place I had my gun and took it out and slipped it in my pocket. I literally asked him to move over so I could get into my bag. He was standing there the whole time. People are oblivious to what goes on around them. It was very comforting to have the gun with me even at night in my room. Made me feel much more comfortable.

Upon departure at the Phoenix airport I told the Delta counter guy I had a gun to declare. He said Ok and handed me the card and told me to fill it out and put it in the gun case. I did this and asked him if he needed to look at the gun. He said no, just put the tag in the case. I did it right at the ticket counter. He paid absolutely no attention to me. He checked my bags then told me where to take them and that was it. At the xray machine I told the guy taking the bags I had a locked firearm in this bag and he put it on the xray machine first and told the guy watching the luggage that there was a locked bag. Took about 1 minute to run the bag through and the scanner guy yelled "Lock bag cleared." They then said thanks and I was off. This time it couldn't have added more than 1 minute to my time. I was putting the tag in my gun case while the Delta counter guy was checking my bags and printing my boarding pass. The security people ran my locked bag first so that was fast. All around everyone treated me very professionally and there were no hang ups at all. Very smooth.

Oh yeah, 84 holes of golf in 2.5 days is a lot. I had to come home and rest all weekend. I also won $50 on a closest to the pin contest. Yipee... I must also say that not having been on this forum since TUesday last week, I don't think I will ever be able to catch up reading all the new posts... :crying:
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