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Forum Rules - Registration Instructions - MUST READ

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The purpose of this forum is to promote the right to keep and bear arms, particularly as it relates to the lawful carrying of concealed weapons in Utah and elsewhere for legitimate self-defense.

This is a family-friendly forum. As such, no obscene or abusive posts, or posts containing graphic imagery, will be permitted here.

In order to promote a healthy and positive experience here for our forum members and in order to achieve the objective of promoting the right to keep and bear arms in a safe and lawful manner, the moderators have standing instructions to edit and/or delete any and all posts that violate the rules.

Any member who violates these rules will be admonished, edited or banned, depending on the severity of the infraction. Therefore, before you decide to participate here, please know the rules and understand the purpose of this forum. This list of rules is not all-inclusive, but should give you a very good idea of what we mean here:
  1. No pornography is allowed here in any form. Any member posting pornography or links to pornography will be banned.[/*]
  2. No advertisements are allowed for pharmaceutical products, financial products, or any other products. The only exceptions are those posts in the Classifieds section that relate to the categories found in that section. Spammers are not allowed and will be banned.[/*]
  3. No posts that incite unlawful violence or advocate the violent overthrow of the government are allowed. Anyone posting such will be banned.[/*]
  4. No posts or images that promote the unsafe handling of firearms or other weapons are allowed. Anyone posting such will be admonished and edited. Repeat offenders will be banned.[/*]
  5. No posts that use abusive or vulgar language, particularly personal attacks on members of this forum, are allowed. We can and certainly do disagree on issues, but it is expected that we can do so in a civil manner. Using special character substitution to try to bypass the word filter is not permitted.[/*]
  6. No posts that contain excessive numbers of photos are allowed. Be mindful of the fact that some members of this forum do not have high-speed Internet access. Also, it is common courtesy to limit the width of photos to no more than 640 pixels. If you don't know how to do that, then you can ask.[/*]
  7. No posts that contain links to other web sites that violate these rules are allowed.[/*]
  8. When you post a link to a web page, please keep the visible links short so that they do not cause excessive horizontal scrolling. Use the "BBCode']" [URL='http://www.utahconcealedcarry.com/forum/faq.php?mode=bbcode']BBCode[/COLOR] to make the display of links nicer. If you don't know how, then you can ask or click here.[/*]
  9. Hijackers are frowned upon. When you post to an existing thread, please make a reasonable effort to stay on the topic of the thread. If your post is on an entirely different topic, you might as well start a new thread.[/*]
  10. Understand that this is a public forum. The members of this forum express their opinions on many topics, including the legalities of various firearm-related issues. Even if somebody claims to be a lawyer, you have no way to verify that. Therefore, it is your responsibility to verify the accuracy and correctness of any and all advice you may receive on this forum regarding firearm laws.[/*]
  11. The excessive creation of posts that do not add value to threads, merely for the sake of artificially boosting one's post count, is prohibited.[/*]
  12. The posting of graphic photos or videos depicting extreme violence or graphic wound trauma is prohibited.[/*]

If you give it a moment's consideration, you will see that these rules are all about being considerate of others. Please abide by them. If you register here as a member of this forum with the intent to learn more about the right to keep and bear arms or have experience and knowledge of your own to share in order to promote the objectives of this forum, then you are very welcome to stay and be a part of our community. If not, then please go elsewhere.

We want this forum to be a place where we as users respect one another and don't get bogged down in the garbage that contaminates so many other internet forums. Thank you all for your cooperation.
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