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Fräulein Grauwolf

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Please vote AFTER reading the 1st post.
Looks perfect, don't change ianything!1473.68%
Go with a subtle urban camo on top of this!526.32%
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Aside from the introductions area, this seemed the best topic for the introduction of a young lady. Without further ado, here's Fräulein Grauwolf..

She's a mostly stock SS Mini-30 with a Choate/Druganov stock and a 6-24x40 illuminated rectical rangefinding optic. Consistent 200 yard tack groups.

The surface of the stock was meticulously prepped, then sprayed with 2 coats of high-temp primer followed by 4 coats of "textured" non-reflective paint. Each coat was cured for 12-24 hours at 74˚ F, then lightly sanded before the next coat. This prep work was going to be the base for an urban camo finish. But I've taken a liking to the finish as it is, it's a nice light diffusing urban camo that blends well with the matte stainless hardware. And the texture or feel of the firearm is wonderful.

It's the texture that helps the camo pattern become effective at any light reflection angle: A smooth surface painted different colors still reflects light uniformly, at some angles you just see the light reflected and the shape of the object reflecting the light, the colors painted on it can be indistinguishable.

The textured surface diffracts the light much the same way stealth diffracts radar reflections.

So please vote and let me know what you think. (If you can't see the images due to an internet filter, please vote after you've been able to view them).


Edit: Changed her name. Thanks Walther!
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I like it as it is but I think the camo would look great also. I will have to think about it before I vote :D

Oh, and since you are calling it a young lady, should it be "Die Graue Wolf?" :p :lol: JK
I voted to keep it as is.
I also voted to keep it like it is.
I like it as it is. My question is how do you conceal it? :wink:

You didn't need to change the name, in fact you had the correct grammer, Der Graue Wolf was correct, I was juss messin with you since it was a "lady". But I like the new name too. Sounds cool and looks cool. 8) Nice job. I voted to keep it like it is. :D
Looking good, keep it as is.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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