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Friend Makes it BIG!

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Ok, I had to post this to share some excitement. A friend of mine from my neighborhood and high school started writing her own songs a few years ago, I asked her to sing at my wedding, then came CDs and now, after much hard work, she has her own music video! Pretty cool for a local girl from Provo! Anyways, her name is Mindy Gledhill (married my best friend's older brother), she's a young mom and if you like what you hear, I would be happy if you supported her by picking up some CDs :D I'm not trying to sell you guys anything, but I hope she gets a lot of support for all her efforts. :thumbsup: Congrats Mindy!

Mindy Gledhill - Feather in the Wind
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Her voice reminds me of Annie Lennox. 8)

She has a lot of talent and a definite future. Thanks for sharing.
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