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Fulfilling my assignment from Jeff

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I need to spend a minute or 2 introducing myself to this forum. I tend to talk a lot so I apologize in advance.

I have always been interested in preparedness and protection for my family. I've got some food storage, water storage, generator, camping equipment, fuel, firewood, and other essentials that one might need for a disaster. I work for government and see first hand what can happen to individuals that are not prepared for emergencies like loss of job and such. When the recent Trolley Square incident happened and a few burglaries in my otherwise quiet neighborhood occured, I decided to get serious about protection. I applied for and received my CCW about a year ago.

I did a lot of research and testing of various handguns that would fit my lifestyle. I have been around, own, and practiced shooting many guns for over 30 years - both long, short, single action, double action, and semi-auto. I know that others have their opinion but I decided on a revolver over a pistol for my carry gun. I felt comfortable with the reliability, durability, type of ammo, legal aspects, and reduced chance of firing. I borrowed, rented, and test fired about 8 different small handguns before deciding on my S&W 642 with CT/LG-405 grips. I like the size and concealability it provides. (Everyone is entitled to my own opinion :lol:)

I am neither a nut and obsessed with guns. I do enjoy shooting though. I respect them and understand how dangerous they can be when taken casually. Unfortunately my wife hates the things but tolerates my using them. My 20 year old son has been taught to respect and use them. We go shooting quite a bit together. My 17 year old daughter would rather not be around them. I respect their fear and am working to educate them.

I'm glad to be here. I'll mostly lurk with an occasional opinion or question.
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Trolley Square helped push me over the edge too. Glad to have you here. Jump in an post often. We all enjoy hearing what everyone else thinks.

Good to have you. 5 years ago my wife was in the same position as yours. We have had a 'date' at the shooting range and she enjoys shooting, but she does not share my attitudes about constant vigilance and self-protection.

Education, education, education.
Welcome to the group Bryan, chime in often... :)
knayrb said:
I tend to talk a lot so I apologize in advance.
Haha... it'll be interesting to see to see if you can outdo me! :lol:

Trolley Square was one of the big ones for me as well -- I'd already decided on getting something for the house and for fun; TS got me realizing that perhaps I should CC instead. By the look of things since Columbine, the situation isn't getting any better... :cry:
Welcome to our forum! Thanks for introducing yourself.

I wife was quite alarmed at first when I started looking to buy a handgun. She came around after we went shooting together, but especially after she read Armed and Female by Paxton Quigley.

Now she has her own CFP and carries.
Welcome to the group. The gal I'm dating right now, we actually met at a Class (CC) I was teaching. She carries often and I love it that she does. Educate your wife every chance you get. She controls when and IF the firearm goes off, The firearm doesn't control her.... Good luck and hope to see ya at one of the get togethers.
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