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Funny story... almost got made

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Last week I was buying some clothes at the church distribution center. Not really knowing what I wanted/needed, there was a very nice lady was helping me out. Almost without warning she pulled out a tape measure. She put it against my belly, then one hand went to my left shoulder and the other towards my right hip. :shock: I know how to take measurements for clothing and I also knew she was going to have a very hard time finding my hip bone through my 9mm.

Luckily, I already had my hand in my right pocket and I pinned it against my body before she felt steel. She looked at me very curiously and I kindly asked her to measure the other way, which she did. I don't know if she knew why I did it, but I think it was pretty obvious. My wife was in the same room and had no idea I was carrying or that this had all happened. We both got a pretty good laugh about it, though I don't know how funny it would have been if I had been made by an old lady in the church clothing store.
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That is pretty funny. But had you been made, no big deal, right?
What's the worst that she could have done? Pop her eyeballs out? :lol:
Pretty Funny. Surprise Surprise Surprise (In Gomer Pyle Voice).
You'd be surprised at how often you think it is "obvious" that you are carrying, and the people around you have no idea. I went to my dad's house with my XD in a paddle holster, and t-shirt barely covering it. I thought he would notice for sure, but he had no idea until I showed it to him. I usually buy XL t-shirts but this one was a L and I was printing bad. The moral of the story is, people don't pay as much attention to your waistband as you might think.
That is funny.
You have to watch out for those old ladies! She may have thought you had some injury or medical need not to touch your right side.

Thanks for sharing.
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