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Hello folks,

My name is Dave and I'm pleased to be here. I used "Dr. Dave" in my signature so you can tell me apart from all those *other* Dave's that cover the land. My doctorate is in Information Systems (Ph.D. IS), so don't go describing your medical maladies to me. ;)

By day, I'm a mild-mannered Product Manager in a technical world. By night and Saturdays, you might find me teaching a concealed firearm permit (CFP) class. I teach the class 'cause a) I enjoy it, b) I want to have those who carry a firearm do so safely and competently, and c) my wife said "you can't have any more guns unless you figure out a way to make some money off them".

I don't teach the CFP classes at any set place or time, but rather set that up with the students. I teach about as many students in a year as Clark A. will teach in a week. Still, my students seem to like the format and it gives me time to do more of the grip, stance, trigger control sort of stuff. (If you want details on the Utah CFP side of me, send me an e-mail at [email protected]).

As for what I carry -- you are most likely to find me with a S&W 340PD in my pocket. This is one of those ultra-lightweight .357 Magnun "kick like a mule" revolvers. I practice with it's .38 Special cousin more than I shoot it 'cause the thing has a wicked rise to it. Still, I know I can hit what I'm aiming at and can do so reasonably quickly. You are second-most-likely going to find a Glock (19 or 30, or sometimes a 26 or 17) on my belt.
-- Yes, I'm a Glock guy --

My avatar image (at present) is some ancestor of mine, though I bare no resemblance to him -- I'm a short, fat, bald guy. I do, however, have a lovely wife (also has a Utah CFP) and three marvelous kids (two have Utah CFPs and the third isn't old enough yet).

I'm pleased to e-meet y'all!

- Dr. Dave
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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