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Geez put me on the spot why don't ya!!!

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Lol. JK. This is my intro. I live in Utah county and am a student at UVSC. I have had my permit for about 6 months now and have open carried for 6 months before that.

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Nice to have you! A good bunch of people here and a great resource for all things gun-related.
Welcome to our forum! Glad to have you here.
I used to live in Utah County (Cedar Hills), but moved to Cache Valley a while ago.

What do you carry?
I carry a Taurus PT745 .45acp. I cary it in a Bianchi AccuMold® Belt Slide. It is my daily carry.
Welcome to the Board, you will find a lot of useful information.

it is good to have you hear. I am glad that you are learning in your youth, to protect you and your's

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