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Glad to have a friendly place.

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I am an avid shooter. I shoot with the Utah Defencive Pistol League ( udpl.net ), and the International Defencive Pistol association ( IDPA.com ). I took my cfp class two days after my 21st birthday and have carried every day since it came in the mail. I'm now taking the classes to be able to teach the cfp class and am excited to finish that. I'm also a member of students for concealed carry on campus. At snow college I was archery club president, and I just started a facebook.com group called concealed carry of Utah.

I'm excited to be here, so I can be more on top of the things going on in Utah.
I've already started to read the forums and like what I see.

Scott P.
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Glad to have you here! How did you find out about us? If there's anything we can do to help, please let us know. Stick around, post often and make yourself at home!
Welcome. Glad you found us.
Welcome! I'm checking out the face book group right now...

:welcome: Glad to have you with us.
It's great that your here. Sounds like you'll bring lots of great experience and info.
GeneticsDave said:
Glad to have you here! How did you find out about us?
I have seen it before, but I was board at work today and searched google for "concealed carry in utah."
Welcome to the forum!
:sup: Welcome to the group.
:welcome: Interesting facebook. look forward to reading more from you.
:welcome: Pull up a keyboard Scott and make yourself at home!!!
Welcome to our forum, Scott! We're glad to have you join us.
Thanks for introducing yourself. Good luck on the CFP Instructor Certification. We're glad to have more instructors join our forum as well.

Post often...
Glad to have you! I'm interested in trying out IDPA competition, it looks like a LOT of fun.
You don't have to be defensive about your shooting.....Not in this group.....

A good place populated by hundreds of good folks.

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