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Here is a good article on the debate between open vs concealed carry. Our own W. Clark Aposhian is quoted in it. Clark is a member of this forum. Steve Boyer, from Sandy, is also quoted. Is Steve a member of this forum? I don't know -- but not by that name.

Here is the article:

Should Gunowners Close Book On Practice of 'Open Carry?'

by Dave Workman
Senior Editor

It's a common sight in many parts of Arizona. They've done it en masse in Ohio to protest inaction on a concealed carry law (it worked). It is legal, with some reservations, in Washington, Utah and other states. Lately in Virginia and elsewhere, there are increasing efforts by armed citizens to do it and make it a once-again commonly acceptable practice.

However, in New York, Illinois and New Jersey, for example, it could land you in jail for a very long time.
In Arizona and Utah, it appears gunowners are rather matter-of-fact about the practice.

Steve Boyer from Sandy, UT, noted that in the Beehive State, it is legal to carry openly so long as you are licensed to carry concealed. He carries openly at home and when visiting in neighboring Colorado, and has "never had a negative experience while openly carrying." But he has some concerns.

"My main concern about open carry is weapon retention in a crowded environment," Boyer said. "Another reason is to avoid unpleasant verbal confrontations when in gun unfriendly environments. A minor reason is that my wife is not convinced of the need to carry a defensive firearm in many everyday situations, so I avoid marital discord by carrying concealed. Finally, there are some places where I always carry concealed, such as in the bank, so that I can retain the tactical advantage of surprise and can choose when (or even if) to use my defensive weapon."

Clark Aposhian from nearby Salt Lake City told Gun Week, "I have openly carried since received my permit and prior as well. (Since 1994) Ninety percent of the time I conceal it and always when I go into a school or a bank. I am not afraid of it just that I 'may' be pushing public perception on the issue. Everywhere else I personally have no problem.

"I only do it out of convenience though," he added. "When the temp rises to 106 and humid I am not to be found wearing a jacket for concealment. I will wear an ankle holster on occasion but that has some obvious disadvantages to it. I have never been asked, repeat never been asked, why I am carrying. I have never had the cops called because of it either."
A good article!
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