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Hello, I posted this on another thread in May and I haven't changed much of anything .. I do like the ankle glove even with heels or hiking boots and the thigh holster took some getting used to, however if the only other option is not to carry, I choose thigh holster.. so the following is a duplicate..
Helloo,,, yes I carried in my Triple K made for concealed, purse. I actually like it a lot. The concealed pocket isn't really inside so when I did have to go thru a purse search at a waterpark, I was able to open all the zippered (visual) sections and never had any reason to show the ticket taker/ purse checker that special compartment. Check it out on Cabela's website or at the store (in the gun section, not womens purses) I decided a long time ago that I would put my hand into the purse walking any where I felt the need or the want. I would need to buy a new purse if I EVER needed to use the gun. I know that bringing the gun into view would be pretty easy for a BG to take it from me. Most of the folks that express concern for purse carry believe that a purse can be "snatched" pretty easy and they are right. But for me it is a good way to conceal and carry when I am not able to otherwise. New/ old option for me has been ankle carry which I do any time I wear pants. It is the Galco ankle glove. I like the idea of it being on me at all times that way. Without the support strap ( has to be purchased extra) it has a tendency to slide right on the top of my foot, especially when I wear spike heels. BUT the newest set up :) and since I wear a skirt or dress 5-6 days a week, I am now sporting a thigh holster by Galco and it comes with the waistband and belt support strap. I am pleasantly surprised at how well it conceals under my skirts. The only downfall that I have with this is the Ladies room. Nylons and velcro make it a little more time consuming :ack:
PM me if you want more details

Hope that helps ,, and the triple k purse is unique in the way the compartment is hidden, nothing else goes in there.
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