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When weather is good, not cold and all the snow is gone.
I go up to farmington flats alot, you will need a truck, SUV, or ATV to get up there. Although I have driven a civic up there I would not recomend it, and I do see a few cars up there from time to time.

From I-15 going north into Farmington
-Take exit 324 to go on 89/park lane, keep to the right take exit 395 to park lane
-Turn right/east onto park lane
-Procede to the second stop light (i think) at main st, turn right/south
-follow around to the left now your on 600 N
-do NOT follow around to the right
-you will want to keep going straight/east and will have to kinda make a left turn, your still on 600 N after you have left the main road
-go up the hill to the end and make a left on 1st E
-1st east turns into Skyline dr, this will take you up into the Mt's
-keep right (you can go to the left doun the hill there is a pond down there to fish at)
-on your way up the paved road there is a few areas to park and ride the ATV up if you have one, the is also a parking area at the end of the paved Rd where in turns into gravel
-just keep driving up and up Skyline drive, you'll pass Sunset camp ground (be careful and observant while driving and look ahead a much as possible, its narrow)
-you eventualy get to a fork in the road (2 gates) one goes east the other goes south west, the east road will take you to the radar towers
-take the other going to the right/south west, you'll pass a sign that says Skyline dr/bountiful, keep going straight
-you'll pass another camp ground (i like camping here)
-you'll eventualy get to a large clearing that has some side roads/trails going into it, this is it
-you'll notice a hill to the north that has a dirt trail going up it, and some foundations from old houses
-This is where I shoot into that hill to the right of the trail going up it, usualy there is a big puddle at the bottom of that trail.

It can be qute a ways up there, I make a day out of it or camping trip

as far as i know you can shoot while in the canyon, you just have to be past the foothills area. I dont like to because there is a trail at the bottom of the canyon and there can be a bit of traffic.

238 Posts
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scuba_steve said:
I went there today and shot a few rounds. Seems like there are a few places to shoot on the way up there. I even saw a place where someone was shooting skeet from the road. :shock: I too, shot a few rounds there on the way down, but I was more careful. Thanks for the info., I had a lot of fun exploring the trails.

So have you gone up the hill that you shoot into, the red dirt one?
I've gone up that red dirt road before, it just loops around at the top, real short, and puts you back on the flats, you would need a jeep, atv or truck with a lift to go on it. I've almost been on every trail up there is lots of places to shoot. I really really don’t recommend shooting from the road, there is a trail below, its really nice to hike on. You get on it from the spot where the pavement meets the gravel road at the bottom at that little parking spot and take the trail south east, it takes you to a water fall.

But there are lots of places to shoot up there. The place I gave, the road just past the camp site
has gotten a little rough over the years you cant really drive a car up there anymore, but a truck or jeep will do.
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