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Got my CFP - 81 days

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Yippee! I got it 81 days since mailing the application and 68 days since BCI processed my credit card.

It's nice to officially be among your ranks. 8)
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Congratulations, Now Don't Leave Home Without It! :D
That did take quite a while. Hopefully, they'll get fully caught up now that they're better funded.
Congrats on getting yours rather quickly. A buddy of mine got his about a month ago but it took 110 days. Maybe they are starting to catch up. I know they say 90 days, but for a while there it was more like 120 days.

I hand submitted mine and paid 42 days ago. No sign yet. I'll let you know when I see mine. I've had a permit before, but let it expire over a year so I had to start over. I am hoping somehow having had one before will speed it up, but that is probably just false hope.
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