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Greetings from SmokeJumper

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Good Day All!

Just signed up a few minutes ago, so thought it best to 'Introduce Myself' while it's on my mind.

Even though I'm outside Utah in New Mexico, I am always interested in good conversation. Naturally always looking for a 'deal' on used firearms, so joining is a must. It also gives me the opportunity to 'chat' on a new variety of subjects and do so in a "safe and sane" environment. That's definitely a plus.

I'm retired now - since January 2003 - Thankfully NOT due to an injury. Staying at home, going shooting when I want, doing a bit of drag-racing at the local strip - just for FUN. Most of all - NOT being "at work" 72 hours in a row is WONDERFUL! Spending far too much time on the computer or 'playing with the guns' is no longer a "no no" and for that I am thankful!

Three kids -- grown -- all happily married -- producing GRAND-kids and even a GREAT-GRAND-kid! Love 'em to death. :crown:

Moved OUT of California eleven years ago and don't miss the place at all. Naturally miss friends and being familiar with Southern California versus having to learn the way to get around in a new state was and still is a bit of a hassle ---- but I can live just fine without the nuts who run wild in 'Kallyfornya!

I'm a bit short on words, but glad to be here and hope to have some good times reading, commenting and driving folks nuts with my dry humor! :ROFL:

Everyone Take Care and Stay SAFE! :D

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welcome :D Try not to smoke while jumping, you might burn a hole in the chute.
hedonistic said:
Try not to smoke while jumping, you might burn a hole in the chute.
Good advice!

Welcome to the forum! I moved away from Seattle over 10 years ago. I miss it, but then I read up on the nutcases out there. Kalifornia and the Emerald City have far too many bad things in common...Never been to New Mexico. What's it like?

Must be nice to be retired, shooting, and drag racing. I'm still in school and I'm holding down a full time job while taking care of the wife and kid, while expecting another in November :shock: life is good, 'cept the budget is tight for now, especially when it comes to CFPs and guns! :crying:

Once again, welcome! I'm in Provostan...er, well, just Provo, UT. Calling it Provostan is my little bit of commentary on where I live :D

How did you find us? We're glad you joined. Also, what's the significance of your user name? I know a guy who jumps into areas to fight forest fires - thought that might be related.

Anyways, enjoy the site, stick around and post often!
Welcome to the forum! 8)
Welcome from another Kali escapee. We escaped 14 years ago, and the only thing we miss is the central coast.
Welcome to the forum!! It's a great place to spend some time!!!
For someone that claims "I'm a bit short on words" you made a great first post. Stick around, post often, get to know the rest of us, and have fun here.
Welcome to our forum, John!! It sounds like you used to slog up and down mountains to put out fires.
Thanks for introducing yourself.
Do you have a NM concealed firearm permit? How about a Utah CFP?

Post often...
Hey I was born and raised in NM. Where abouts do you live? If you don't mind saying?
I grew up in Farmington
Greetings back.

We are a bunch of good guys.


We were down in Raton over Memorial Day at the NRA Whittington Center. Awesome place to shoot!
:welcome: Great to have you here John!
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