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Hey everybody. I have had my permit for almost 5 years. I live in wvc. I am married with two kids. I have an xd.45 I carry most of the time and I just got a kel tec pf9 that I am excited to start carrying. As well as several other firearms. My wife is starting to like shooting and I am thrilled with that.

By the way Cokeman I love RUSH.

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Welcome to the site, I am fairly new here myself.

Take some time and look at the introductions page and you can learn about the rest of us.

This is a good place to sit back and learn and share.


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Glad to have you here. I carry a KelTec P3AT or P11, but have my eyes on a P9. When I find a good deal I will pick one up for sure. The P9 seems like a great gun. Let us know how you like it.

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