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I was just in FBMG today and they are starting a Sig group buy. They have more details on thehighroad.org
Any one needing a good deal on a Sig give them a call. 571-1160.

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From THR:

Sig-Sauer group buy from FBMG - order by the end of the month


I'm doing a group buy on Sig Sauer firearms and accesories.

I will not be posting my prices publically, but like all of my other group buys, you will need to contact me via PM or e-mail at [email protected] for a quote.

Got to www.sigsauer.com and pick which model you are interested in, then contact me for a quote. Like my other group buys, I can promise you that my prices will be extremely good. As in, when I do a group buy, I look around online and check to make sure that the group buy prices are killer.

Orders will need to be placed by the end of the month. I will then turn the big buy order into Sig.

Delivery times will be based upon what is in stock at Sig. Some guns will take longer to receive than others. Any guns that I have in stock will ship ASAP. I usually have about 30 Sigs in stock, so that will vary depending on models.

This includes Sig 556 rifles and the new 250. However since these are hot items, lead times will vary greatly. I have 5 250s currently and 3 556s, so it depends on which models you're interested in.

These super discount prices will also apply to magazines, clothing, and accesories.

Edited to add that this isn't limited to just THR. Please tell your friends.
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