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This is already a possibility. I discussed this same issue with the AG, Mark Shurtleff. His opinion was that if a business, state school, court house or church were to deny anyone their right to self defense, that they could be sued for damages should an individual be harmed while at, traveling to, or traveling from said establishment. This would be possible because they denied the individual a God-granted, protected civil & constitutional right of self defense.

If you doubt my word on this, as you may, I received this straight from Mark several years ago when I presented the same/similar circumstances to him.

So, though we already have the right and ability to sue (or our families on our behalf if we are dead) the establishment which may deny our inherent rights of self defense, they take responsibility for our safety regardless. I would, though, love to see a law stating this so that these establishments will be put on notice that if they deny us our rights we, or our representatives have the right to sue them for denying us that right.

By doing something akin to this we would force these agencies to think twice, or thrice before arbitrarily denying us our rights, at the same time letting them know, positively, that they are absolutely responsible for our safety from the moment we leave our homes until we return should they deny us this inherent right. If you think about it it would do us a great service and make them really think about their actions as nearly anyone, if they were of a mind, could abuse the law to (as is done with other laws and public services) their advantage and how could the business establishment that denies the right to carry be able to disprove that someone was on their way to their establishment when they met their demise at the hand of a killer?
I am all for it--go for it! :lol:
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