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I read the article & found it as ya'all have-pitiful. Therefore I e-mailed the reporter concerning this issue. I was one of the people polled for the poll which the reporter referenced. While doing that poll I stated my concerns about the wording, "do you agree or disagree with guns in the schools?" I stated at the time that I was agaqinst people illegally carrying in the schools, but that I felt no threat from legal ccw holders carrying while on the school property, or in the school. I was told by the pollster that almost everyone she spoke with had said the same thing. I guess that is why the poll came out with 70% against guns in schools. Polls that do not ask questions appropriately to accommadate legitimate answers should be banned. Anyone else ever hear of the book, "How to Lie With Statistics?" I have a copy & the way that poll was done just goes to showthe bias that was used.
I also feel that the reporter got it way wrong!
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