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Gun Show this Weekend in Sandy - See you there...

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I'll be looking for deals on standard-capacity magazines at this weekend's Crossroads of the West Gun Show in Sandy.

Saturdays 9 am to 5pm and Sundays 9 am to 4pm
Salt Lake City, UT
SEP 18th - 19th - South Towne Expo Center
Perhaps I'll see some of you there... :D
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I will be there for sure...
Count us in too. The wifes been bug'n me to take her for a while now because shes never been to a gun show, & I have not been since the late 80's when they were held at the Salt Palace. Should be easy to spot, I'll be wearing my red white & blue NRA ball cap (Not seen anyone else with one around here).

BTW,I know that unloaded guns can be brought in for selling or trading but what are the rules concerning our carry pieces at the show? Can I carry as ussual or do I have to leave my guns locked in the car outside?
As I understand it, the insurance company rules require the producers of the gun show to ban the carry of loaded firearms.

There's a table next to the entrance where you can go and unload your carry pistol. Then they will put a little plastic zip-tie through the action. Then you can reholster it (awkwardly with the zip-tie) and go in. Understand that if you show up to that table with a loaded gun, they will ask to see a CFP.
Thanks Jeff.
Now I'll know what to do when I get there. I really don't like leaving my guns in the truck when I'm going to be away for any extended time.

Me and the fam. will be going saturday perhaps we'll run into some of the other forum members while we're there perhaps 11ish to 3ish.
Dang! Sorry I missed that! I've been wanting to go to one for the last year. Grrrrrrrr
Hey Tapehoser. I don't understand, what did you miss?

The gun show is THIS weekend, the 18th & 19th.
Yahooooooooooeeeeeey! I've been wanting to go to one of these puppies forever! I am SOOOO excited! I'll head over right after I'm done with my Hunter Safety course at the Lee Kay. Woooohoooo!
Print yourself a coupon and save a buck to get in.

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Well, I saw fewer LE magazines than I expected. In fact, the only ones I saw were being sold by a vendor who only did HK products, which didn't help me out for my SW99.

I think that vendors weren't really ready to ramp up for the first gun show after the AWB expiration.

When I asked the big magazine seller about standard-capacity magazines for a SW99, he said that it would be a while before manufacturers and distributors ramped up since it had only been four days since the AWB expired. I then asked about LE magazines that were already in the system. That took him by surprise and he admitted that he hadn't thought of asking for LE magazines. Well, maybe the next gun show he goes to, he'll have stocked up on LE-marked magazines.
I was a little disappointed at some of the prices being charged for guns at the gun show. I did some homework last week and priced the one I wanted at a couple of places. Then at the gun show I found the same gun selling for $20 to $40+ MORE than I had found at other places.

Seems like I got some pretty good deals the last few years at the gun shows. Not this time, although I did find a good price on 500 rounds of .45ACP 200-gr. Gold Dot ammo.

After I've left the show, I can always think of things I wish I had bought. This time I got what I was willing to pay for. I just hope next year there's some better prices on some things.
I agree. Prices seemed a little high--I, too, was really just looking for a couple of things and only came away with a case of .45 ACP, but ran into a couple of folks I enjoyed seeing again or meeting for the first time.

Jeff Johnson
I appreciate you calling them what they are--standard capacity mags. "high capacity" has lost all meaning.

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