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Guns in Church

PBS came to town 2 weeks ago and interviewed me on a story as to why in the world I and others in Utah would want to bring guns to church.

I gave clear concise answers in sound bite form. These were not used. No worries, I am used to that

Instead they took my most innocuous statement regarding "why" the LDS Church chooses to get behind a modification of the existing law.

The irritating thing is that after all the editing was done it is typical to produce a transcript of the video piece. The transcript is supposed to be verbatim to the video. This transcript is not. Of all the quotes from all the people they chose to take only mine out. In other words the transcript contains the missing quote that the video is lacking.

Hey, what did I expect from PBS, or for that matter anyone with a camera, microphone or pencil?

Anyway, it will probably be airing in your city any day soon. Or you can watch the video or read the transcript on-line of you choose.

If you want to see it broadcast on television check on-line with your local PBS station to see when the show Religion and Ethics Newsweekly will air. It usually will be broadcast more than once.


W. Clark Aposhian

Chair US-DIN

Utah Self-Defense Instructor's Network

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When to Watch Religion & Ethics Newsweekly in Utah
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