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H.R.1243 - National Reciprocity is before Congress

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H.R.1243 - Secure Access to Firearms Enhancement (SAFE) Act of 2005 (national reciprocity for CCW permit-holders)

This would be excellent if passed. I notice that Rep Chris Cannon is a co-sponsor.
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For the record, valar2006 is a spammer. Notice the 1x1 pixel blank images below his post text, and they're all linked to prescription drug sites. The way I understand it, this helps search engine placement, as Google and others rank sites higher if they have many links from other sites.

Back on topic, the list of co-sponsors has a few surprises. Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, and New York each have one representative signed on for this bill. You're right though, it doesn't look good when it's been in committee for almost three months with no action.
Jeff Johnson said:
Good eye! How'd you spot that? I'll delete his post and notify Thomas.
When Mozilla Firefox is loading a page, it displays a placeholder for images before it even downloads them, so I saw those placeholders for a split second before it downloaded the blank 1x1 pixel images from the spammer's server. If he'd had a faster server, I probably wouldn't have seen them. :)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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