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Has anyone carried in or currently carry in a CTAC?

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Like the title says I would like to hear from those who have first hand experience with the CTAC. Please comment on retention when moving, comfort, wear on finish of your pistol etc. I'm considering one of these for the new Springfield Champion Operator 1911 I'll be picking up in a couple weeks :dancing: Thanks guys.
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I carry my XD .45 compact in a CTAC holster with the C-clips. At first I thought it was uncomfortable, but in a short time I found the "sweet spot". It also helps to have a slight forward cant. I carry my XD in this holster every day!

I have heard a lot of good things about the crossbreed but the advantage of the CTAC is a faster draw (because it is all kydex), although it may be slightly less comfortable - I don't know.
I carry daily with a C-TAC and I am very pleased. Initially I bought the holster with the J-Clips; I do not recommend these clips because it puts the weight of the gun on your pant waistband and not the belt (pants trying to slide down and sagging on one side - even with a decent belt). I then purchased the V-Clips (velcro) and I am very happy now.

My choice in the V-Clips is that little or no part of the clip is visible and the weight of the gun is now supported by the belt. My belt is a heavy duty 1" leather belt (I forget the brand) and I just used the velcro pieces sent with the V-Clips. When this belt wears out I am going to buy one with the velcro sewed in.

The adjustability of the C-TAC is nice to find the sweet spot for comfort also and to help keep it tight against your body to minimize printing. At first I had troubles with the holster and/or gun digging into my side, but after trying different adjustments and locations (usually I carry at 3 to 4 o'clock position - it is variable on my pants and the location of the belt loops).

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