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Haven't been here in a while...

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Wow, this forum is coming along nicley. I tried for over 6 months to login, when there were the problems. I believe there were like 150 new members unable to post.

I'm glad to see there is some life established here. I'll make it a point to frequent here and see what's going on.

Anyone in the Stansbury Park/Tooele area? I like to go shooting from time to time, maybe a meet-up at the "hill".

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Welcome back

I have never had a problem

Yeah, sorry about that. We went through some growing pains, particularly a time during which we didn't have the ability to moderate some forums. That has all been solved now.

The only thing still not working is emailing the administrator: [email protected]

However, see Contacting the site administrator or forum moderators for instructions on how to contact moderators or administrators.

At any rate, welcome back!!
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