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What this should be really called is "Issuing permits to Nonresident Aliens / Illegals."

I really don't know what to think about this law and would love some input from others.

On one hand I think we can argue that the right to carry a firearm is a God given right and shouldn't be restricted in any way so let anyone that wants to get a permit get one. If we let illegals have them shouldn't we also allow felons to get a permit.

On the other hand, I personally have a problem with illegals having any rights.

What do you guys think?
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Checking into this extensively with a Canadian friend in the military, here are some points to clarify:

1. This bill is not to allow criminals or illegals to get permits. It is about law abiding visiting Canadian (primarily) shooters just like you with two eyes, two legs, etc, who love shooting and travel.. Note: These guys already have a Canadian Federal firearms license and a US Form 6 permit form our ATF. Further, any of us Yankees can get a Canadian firearms permit. I have one. That is how neighbors and allies treat each other. 8)

2. BCI has been permitting Canucks for nearly ten years now with never a problem.

3. BCI has 24 hour online access to CPIC (the equivalent of NICS) and it costs them nothing.

4. Canucks already can carry a loaded firearm in their car, and open carry in parts of Utah. What we are talking about here is letting them wear a jacket in exchange for us having all their information on file and the assurance that they have been trained the way we want them to conduct themselves.

5. Canucks have other state permits and can carry in Utah anyway even if we prohibit them from obtaining our permit. They want ours because it is the best.

6. There are several good court opinions including a recent; US District Court, Kentucky v. Say that establishes legal aliens, who are entitled by Federal law to have firearms should be afforded permits and licenses. Any exclusionary arrogance that a Canadian human should not be able to protect his family or self against criminal attack is un-american IMHO. If you vacation in Canada would in not be nice to carry? Indiana honors the permit of any State or county. That is as amercian as apple pie.

7. BCI illegally halted permitting about a year ago. This was going to fix it. Sadly court action is being pursued by several organization who are unhappy about this and other issues with BCI. That is not good!

8. Thousands of Canadians are NRA members. As Pricedo said this is a global issue. If we don't hang together now we will hang seperately later.

9. I believe this could turn into a great thing for Utah. Florida has obtained millions of dollars of outside revenue from issuing their permit to non-residents. I would love to have non-residents pouring money into our state. that keeps more coin in my pocket.

10. I have a Canadian friend in the military. he holds a top secret security clearance and is fighting side by side in Afganistan with our boys. he was denied a Utah permit when BCI illegally, and without fair warning, shut it down. Now for the rest of his life, when he applies for any kind of firearms permit he will be asked; "Have you ever had an application denied?". He is now marked for life and he had to pay Utah for that favor and got no refund. Some bureaucrats suck! :x Rant over.

"A people of sheep will produce a government of wolves."
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