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What this should be really called is "Issuing permits to Nonresident Aliens / Illegals."

I really don't know what to think about this law and would love some input from others.

On one hand I think we can argue that the right to carry a firearm is a God given right and shouldn't be restricted in any way so let anyone that wants to get a permit get one. If we let illegals have them shouldn't we also allow felons to get a permit.

On the other hand, I personally have a problem with illegals having any rights.

What do you guys think?
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Illegal immigrants are criminals, hence the term "illegal." Criminals don't have rights. They have rights in their own country, and they are welcome to go back there and exercize what rights that government is willing to let them keep. Or they can enter the US LEGALLY, apply for citizenship, and enjoy being an AMERICAN!!

OT--What we need to do is make life miserable for illegals. Make them wish they were back home, and then maybe they will stop invading the US. And punish SEVERELY anyone caught giving illegals a job.
bane said:
....illegals should have the right to self-defense until they demonstrate that they cannot be trusted to be safe with a firearm.
Such as, perhaps, a criminal record? As I said before, illegals are criminals. Criminals don't get CFP permits. Even if we ignore that infraction, we don't have a reliable system to check their background for other crimes. Swillden has already pointed this out.

I guess I was a little harsh about "criminals don't have rights." I agree with what has been said about distinguishing between inherent human rights and rights of citizenship. IMHO, CFP permits, driver's licenses, and welfare programs are rights of citizenship. You could even call these "privileges," because they are given with a level of trust and responsibility. Abuse the system, and they are taken away. Too many tickets, lose your driver's license, etc. So I guess what I should have said is "criminals don't have privileges."

My letter to a legislator would likely read something like this:
Dear _______________,
This letter is to express my opposition to HB195, "CONCEALED FIREARM PERMIT AMENDMENTS."
This bill would grant privileges to illegal immigrants that should be reserved for citizens in good standing. In order to obtain a CFP, a US citizen must pass an FBI background check, ensuring a past free of criminal activity. Illegal immigrants cannot be subjected to such a background check, as no international agency can reliably provide information on a foreign national's background. The one thing we do know about them is that they have broken the law by entering the US.

To put it simply, illegal immigrants are criminals, and criminals cannot obtain CFP's.

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